This one beginner’s error complicates all my work in Sketchup, it’s not about the technical trick, it’s about the mindset.

I have been working with SketchUp for 15 years, but I made mistakes in the beginning.

Sketchup offers great freedom of action. Often in such situations we try to use the full potential of the tool at any cost.

Instead of making the work easier, we make it harder.

Sketchup gives you the possibility to segregate the model on several levels.

Basic 3D elements are lines and faces. The basic way to organize them is to create groups and components. Groups can contain as well other groups and components.

They can be nested to infinity.

Groups and components are useful to modify the geometry.

Any element can be assigned to a defined tag. You can switch the visibility of Tags. This way you can ease your work with the model.

In this way, tags are somewhat similar to layers known from other programs.

The similarity with layers often leads to a wrong assumption.

We often succumb to the illusion that the more layers, the greater the order. Unfortunately, the excess in this case lead to more confusion instead of transparency.

This is a common beginner’s mistake with Sketchup.

Assigning components to matching tags is easy.

On the Internet you can find a large number of templates that represent entire model tagging systems, depending on the industry.

However, I would caution you not to use this kind of help at the beginning.

I suggest a different approach to exploit the potential of SketchUp.

Instead of adapting templates, create your own labeling system. Remember “LESS BUT BETTER” An overflowing list of tags can quickly become a hindrance.

Start with the minimum and add more tags over time.

Do you have a different opinion?


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Maciej Słowiński

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