The 1 App I Can’t Live Without For Measuring Time

Today, there is an app, website, or software platform for just about anything (including finding someone to walk your dog).

But when it comes to time measuring, there is 1 app I can’t live without:


  • Reason #1: measures the time automatically and runs in the background
  • Reason #2: readable timesheet allows easy corrections to be made
  • Reason #3: you control the assignment of time to relevant projects by using keywords
  • Reason #4: allows you to measure your productivity
  • Reason #5: allows you to create invoices and report working time

If you want to effortlessly measure your time, measure your productivity, or find out where your time goes, I can’t recommend using this app enough.

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Maciej Słowiński

15+ yr Interior Designer • SketchUp passionate • I am working to significantly reduce the lead time of an interior design • Insights about the process