Most interior designers fail to define their niche, missing the opportunity to increase their income — 5 questions that will help you focus your activities.

1. what interior design style do you want to design?

simple ← — — — → complex

2. what kind of interior do you want to create?

private ← — — — → public

3. how big should be the space you want to design?

small ← — — — → large

4. for which market do you want to design interiors?

new ← — — — → renovations

5. who do you want to design for?

anonymous ← — — — → specific

Make your work easier.

The more specific you are about what and for who you want to design, the more targeted your marketing efforts will be and the easier it will be to reach your customers.

Determine what kind of interior you want to design

1. simple ← — — -> complex



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Maciej Słowiński

Maciej Słowiński

Interior designer aiming to be more productive. Interested in optimizing the creation of technical drawings in SketchUp and LayOut.