How to solve the two biggest problems of an interior designer workflow in 6 steps.

  • Better work planning and organization.

How can you better plan and organize your work as an interior designer?

Multitasking is the most dangerous myth of modern times.

How can you do interior design faster?

I wish I had known that earlier.

In summary, follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Write down the steps you take during the design process.
  2. Measure the time it takes you to complete each subsequent step
  3. Focus on improving the step that takes the most time.
  4. Once you know how much time it takes to prepare a project, you can put its completion on the calendar.
  5. As you schedule projects, remember to do them one at a time.
  6. Analyze your process immediately after completing the project and update the list from point 1.



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Maciej Słowiński

Maciej Słowiński

Interior designer aiming to be more productive. Interested in optimizing the creation of technical drawings in SketchUp and LayOut.