Beginner’s guide to using SketchUp for kitchen remodeling. Part 5 — Hole in the wall.

one, two, open up

To open the created group for editing, double-click it.

Cutting out the window like clockwork

To quickly cut out a hole, it is best to prepare guide lines.

  • Click and move the cursor upwards
  • Enter the height of the window sill and press Enter.
  • You have created your first guide line.


The opening for the window just needs to be pushed out.

  • Press R ( Rectangle tool) and move the mouse pointer over the intersection of the guide lines
  • when the mouse pointer jumps to the right place, click, move the mouse pointer to the opposite corner and click a second time
  • Now press P ( push/pull ) and move the mouse pointer over the created rectangle, it will be marked blue
  • Click and push the rectangle into the wall
  • Move the mouse pointer over the outer edge of the wall and click



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Maciej Słowiński

Maciej Słowiński

Interior designer aiming to be more productive. Interested in optimizing the creation of technical drawings in SketchUp and LayOut.