Beginner’s guide to using SketchUp for kitchen remodeling. Part 2 — Manage your view

See your kitchen from a bird’s eye view.

Viewing a project in 3D is not always the best solution. Fortunately, in SketchUp, it’s much easier to see a 2D view than it is to fly.

  • select “Parallel Projection” — that’s the bottom one of the two cubes,
  • select “Top View” — that’s the top view of the house roof, the middle icon

Does your mouse have 3 buttons?

But is your view also half obscured by the side panel?

  • Press and drag the scroll button to circle your model
  • Press and drag the scroll button and the left mouse button simultaneously to pan your view.

Grab it like a pro.

If, like me, you have only ever used your index finger to scroll and LMB, it may take you a little longer to get used to it. The best way to start is by holding the mouse like this:

  • index finger on the left button,
  • middle finger on the scroll wheel,
  • ring finger on the right button.



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Maciej Słowiński

Maciej Słowiński

Interior designer aiming to be more productive. Interested in optimizing the creation of technical drawings in SketchUp and LayOut.