Most people overcomplicate their time management.

Especially when they try to fix their work productivity.

So, here’s Personal Time Management Fixing 101.

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Grab a red and green pencil
  3. Every half an hour, write down:
  • a productive task in green
  • an unproductive task in red

Once you get there, you can then focus on:

  1. Review of the day
  2. Address pain points
  3. Improve

The key to success?

Steadfastness of consciousness

With every work day, figure out the cause of your attention defragmentation.

And then make a plan to progress the next day.

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Maciej Słowiński

Maciej Słowiński

Interior designer aiming to be more productive. Interested in optimizing the creation of technical drawings in SketchUp and LayOut.