5 reasons why AI will never become a master of interior design!

Maciej Słowiński
1 min readMar 2, 2023

If you are wondering what separates interior designers from AI, here are some important nuances to consider:

  • Interior designers have an eye for subtle differences in colors, textures, and materials, allowing them to create unique and cohesive designs.
  • They are able to understand the client’s needs and preferences and translate them into practical design solutions, taking into account budget and space constraints.
  • Designers use their creativity and intuition to create designs that are not only functional and esthetically pleasing, but also stand out.
  • They can create highly customized designs that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle.
  • Interior designers are able to manage the entire design process, including managing teams and vendors, ensuring quality execution of the project.

In summary, interior designers bring a human touch to the design process that cannot be replicated by AI algorithms, and their expertise and experience are invaluable when it comes to creating beautiful, functional and individual spaces.



Maciej Słowiński

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