3 Questions will help you decide which project to work on today (and actually work on it)

Ask yourself these questions before you start working:

  • what scares me?
  • what excites me?
  • what am I good at?

#1 What project scares me the most?

Which project will make you feel worse tonight than you do now if you don’t move forward with working on it?

Usually, it’s the project you’ve been putting off for a long time because it makes you feel bad.

Time to eat the frog.

#2 Which project excites me the most?

What project not only moves you forward but excites you even more?

Some projects warm a person from the inside out. Look for that feeling. There’s nothing better than working with passion.

#3 On which project can I use my strengths?

What project can you use your strengths?

You know how to do something, and you can do it well? Redouble your efforts. Nothing boosts confidence like doing something even better that you’re already good at.

Fear, excitement, and confidence — the trick is to find those feelings in your chosen task today.

All you’ve to do is find the excitement in the task that scares you and accomplish it using your strengths.

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Maciej Słowiński

15+ yr Interior Designer • SketchUp passionate • I am working to significantly reduce the lead time of an interior design • Insights about the process